The College

The Lucknow Christian College is a premier institution of the Methodist Church in India. It is one of the oldest colleges in the state where emphasis is on creating responsible citizens. Standing tall in the heart of the city, the institution focuses on high academic achievements for its students. It has constantly contributed towards the welfare of the society over a period of one hundred and sixty years of its empowering existence. The college boasts of an eminent faculty some of whom have enriched and revolutionised the field of education with their exemplary work. The college has also contributed immensely to Indian society with its impressive alumni comprising of academicians, politicians, doctors, bureaucrats and other distinguished citizens. The rich history of this college, its influence in the city of Lucknow and across India and the impeccable academic reputation have made it one of the most prestigious institutions of the state. Today the college offers post graduate courses in Chemistry and English. Undergraduate courses can be pursued in all the streams of Science, Commerce, Arts and Physical Education.

Lucknow Christian College attracts students from all walks of life. They come from diverse social, religious and economic backgrounds. There is complete integration amongst them. Lasting friendships and enduring associations are fostered on the campus as the college provides a platform to the students where they beautifully learn to respect their differences of background, culture and religion and yet co-exist. There has always been a tradition of a healthy interaction between the students and the staff. Students are expected to strive for and maintain high standards of scholarship, conduct and discipline. They must cooperate in fulfilling the educational mission of the college. The NSS and NCC units of the college further help the students to develop skills outside the purview of an academic curriculum.

The college incessantly strives for the fulfilment of the following aims and objectives

  • to provide quality education to the young minds of the country, including the Christian youth, so asto enable them to make positive contributions in nation building.
  • to nurture a good moral character by inculcating spiritual values and the knowledge of the almighty as revealed by the life of Jesus Christ.
  • to provide teachings, encourage charity and hold worship in accordance with the Christian belief and doctrine
  • to extend the above-mentioned facilities and opportunities to young men and women of all faiths and communities who wish to receive education in a Christian environment.
  • to faithfully ensure the fulfilment of our college motto “OMNIA AD DEI GLORIAM” that is “all to the glory of God”