Admission Fee (Tentative) For The Session 2023-2024 UnderGraduate Classes
Class General Students (in Rs.)
Annual Fees Girls Boys
B.A.7,424.00 77,568.00
B.Com.8,424.00 8,568.00
B.Sc. (BIO)9,144.00 9,288.00
B.Sc. (MATH)8,904.00 9,048.00
B.Sc. (P.S.M.)16,664.00 16,808.00
B.Sc. (P.M.C.S.)20,664.00 20,808.00
B.Sc. (S.M.C.S.)28,424.00 28,568.00
B.COM. (S.F.S.)23,500.00 23,500.00
B.SC. (S.F.S.)23,500.00 23,500.00


  • Rs. 12,000/- to be charged extra from students offering Subject Computer Science.
  • Rs. 8,000/- to be charged extra from students offering Statistics.
  • In case of girls candidates of Under Graduate Classes, the fee will be Rs. 144/- lesser than the fees mentioned above.
  • College Fee subject to change without prior notice.
  • Co-curricular - (Odd sem) 100/-
    Vocational Subject - (Even sem) 100/-


Laboratory fee of Rs. 400/- per major subject will be charged extra from students who opt the following major subjects (B.Sc. I & II) Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics. (Two major = 400 x 2=800/-)


Fee structure might be enhanced as per new structure of fees in Lucknow University.