Joining The University Of Lucknow

The degree classes which began in 1882 were initially affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Later, when Lucknow University came into existence in 1922 our degree classes were transferred to the University of Lucknow under the name of Canning College. However, in 1946, the B.Sc. classes were restored under the charge of the Lucknow Christian College and ten years later in 1956 our B. A. classes too were restored. In 1973 the Faculty of Commerce was reintroduced and in 2004 it ranked ninth in list of top ten colleges in India (for Commerce), released by the prestigious India Today magazine.

On the basis of numerous factors like highly qualified teaching faculty, university exam performance of students , library resources and other merits , Lucknow Christian College was selected by the University Grants Commission for the College Science Improvement Programme (COSSIP) in 1976 and the College Humanities and Social Sciences Improvement Programme (COHSSIP) in 1977, to bring about improvement in teaching at undergraduate level. In 1995, UGC sponsored Vocational courses like Computer Applications for the B.Sc. students and courses like Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management for B.Com. students were introduced. In 1998 the department of statistics was established in the college, extending yet another avenue for both the Science and Arts students.